Selecting the Product

Major brands focused in the initial stages were Tropicana and Real, as they offered juices for different fruits in various quantities. I narrowed down my product selection to cold pressed juices based on the problems below. 

• For proffesional office going people or college going students who do not have meals cooked at homes. 
• For those who want to take proper care about what they consume such as people going to fitness centres, keeping a track of their calorie intake, etc. 
• For those who want to improve their metabolism and thereby increase their performance at schools, workplace, etc.

Form Explorations

Initial explorations started with changing the shape of the tetra-pak instead of a cuboidal to add modularity and other functions into it apart from being a fruit juice package.


Based on secondary research done for the materials in packaging and their sustainability, it was found that using a Tetrapak could be more costly and more time consuming process to sepearte each layer and recycle whereas in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles only one layer of plastic needs to be recycles which thereby is more cheap and fast in terms of recycling. New explorations taking into consideration this insight were made.
The labelling of the PET bottle was chosen to be used as packaging such that it serves multiple functions. The label is locked at the neck and can be moved 180 degress such that it can be used as a handle to carry the bottle. Also this label could be locked into a label of similar bottle so that one can carry multiple bottles together.



A prototype using cardboard was made to test on a bottle of 250 ml. The structure of the bottle was selected to be square so that the label sets easily on any of the side of the bottle being flat instead of a rounded bottle.


Prototype with changes in the previous one was developed and tested. A locking mechanise on the neck and on the flap was introduced.

3-Dimensional Modelling

An existing brand for cold pressed juices in India was chosen for the visual graphic on the packaging designed. Based on packaging design research done by Tropicana in the United Stated for their Orange juice product it was inferred that customers who are loyal to a brand, if the packaging is changed drastically then their loyalty towards the brand is at stake and hence the brand has more risk of losing those customers thereby leading to losses. Thereby not much change for the brand Rawpressery was decided to be worked on for their bundles they provide.

The graphics on the back side are meant to be printed upside down (180 degrees). They would be on the inner side of the label which when lifted can be viewed straight to the user. Details such as the Batch number, Manufacturing Date and MRP shall be printed on the neck of the bottle. The PET bottle was kept transparent thereby the color of the juice could directly be used as the color of the product. Also this invokes a sense of trust and transparency in the minds of the customer at the same time reducing the costs of colors for the brand to manufacture the container and the packaging.

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