Unity Construction is a private construction company in Dang district of Gujarat, which mainly deals in construction of Roads and Buildings, Bridges by bidding for tenders from the Govt sector. It aims in providing minute design solutions, using strict construction methods and deliver international standard product quality in the neighborhood areas. The commitment is backed by new-age construction tools and machinery being used by the skilled labors, under preventive safety measures. 

The company started in 2003 and is a leading company in the domain with more than 150 fulltime employees and more than 800 local people of the district engaged with one way or the other to  earn their livelihood. The company consists of it’s core staff handling matters related to their departments such as Accounts, Transport, Maintenance, Finance,
Technical Staff, etc. Graphic Design along with an approach for systems design which is backed by analysis from strategic point of view would help overall to keep track of the information and provide useful insights to the management as and when required.

Project Brief
The company aims to improve the functionality of their office workspace, carry out effective functioning of the construction costs with regular updates from different departments, constructions sites, managing the flow of money and  assets. All of these is at present done on random basis, i.e. no specific system or method is in practice. This in a way is causing hindrance in the efficiency of the staff is a cause for losses to the company. A system to monitor the working
of the departments within each other needs to be designed.

The aim of the design project would be to study different work environments, understand their needs and devise a system information gathering and execution of tasks as per the vision and future plans of the construction company.

User Interface and User Experience Design for a Web Application to monitor data from different departments of the company to accessible from anywhere.
Different domains/departments of the company
Typical Work-flow Scenarios in the company
Low Fidelity Prototype 
An Android application was thought for a Site Supervisor to make requests for materials to be delivered on the site.
Wireframes for the Admin side Web Application
Final Prototype Screens
The project was submitted to the client and a positive feedback was received for the design process and the deliverable presented. But due to lack of man power to operate this for digitizing and developing the same the project didn't go into development. A demo app for the supervisor and admin app was developed in Android. The client agreed to take the project for development in next 1 to 2 years to follow and use this tool for Data Analytics which can eventually help taking decisions faster and make the company profitable. 
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