Shoghi Bagul is a Visual Communication and User Experience designer based from Ahmedabad, India. 

Brought up in the city famous for it's liveliness, he has been exposed to different communities of people and is fascinated by the art each community brings along with them. He is a man of few words who believes in let his work do the talking. He believes in giving creativity a voice as for him, creativity and art have amazing amount of strength to bring about major revolutions in the world. 

Being an Information and Communication Technology Engineer, he always has been interested into Communication Design and loves to explore more in this filed. He is a self learner and tries to adapt to the new trends in the design industry in order to communicate his views via his designs.

Shoghi has been a part of multiple Design Research Projects in the field of healthcare, education for children, social services. Working for the people at core and giving them an experience worthy for them through his designs is what excites him the most.

Think - Create - Test - Learn - Recreate 
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